The first company to ship a wearable device that induces lucid dreaming via tACS-based neurostimulation

21 October 2016 on Luciding, Lucid dream, shipment
Make lucid dreaming available to everyone

Lucid dreaming is a hard nut to crack. One needs to practice different techniques to increase the chances of becoming lucid. This takes time and people usually give it up and end up frustrated. But those who don’t have a beautiful journey every night and experience endless possibilities in their personal dreamworld.

Everything changed in early 2014 when the prestigious scientific journal “Nature” published an article by Dr. Ursula Voss. It described how lucidity in a dream can be improved by applying a tiny electronic stimulation (40Hz) during REM sleep. This marked the start of the neurostimulation-induced lucid dreaming era.

In September 2014 Luciding was founded by Nikita Annt – an experienced lucid dreamer and engineer and Michael Skrychevsky – a software and business developer. The goal was to provide lucid dreams to anyone.

Long journey to a discovery

That same autumn we opened pre-orders of a tACS-based neurostimulation wearable headband with a REM-phase detector. We called it LucidCatcher. We received a strong response from the lucid dreams community, yet the hardest was to make the device itself. We couldn’t outsource such a delicate job to third-party manufacturers or go to China at the early stage. We built our production with local plants who uses state-of-the art technologies. We also focused on device safety and embedded our own stimulation power management protocols at the hardware level.

Shipping the early prototypes in the summer of 2015 helped us get valuable feedback from customers to keep improving the LucidCatcher. In May 2016 we conducted day and night tests with volunteers to get the REM recognition data. Their feedback totally beat our expectations (see detailed review here). Volunteers also filled in a Steven Laberge’s LuCID Scale test quiz.

Never settle and you will succeed

Those test results were incredibly promising and the new manufacturing was launched to create the first customer batch to be tested not in the lab but in the heads of our customers.

You should probably prepare to do the Reality Check (i.e. pinch yourself) after you read this:

We have finally shipped the very first LucidCatchers to our most loyal customers around the world! Yay! This is unbelievable, yet true!

In the end of September we have shipped 40 brand new long waited LucidCatchers to those who pre-ordered them during late-2014/early-2015. This made Luciding the first company to successfully implement tACS-based neurostimulation methods into a wearable device which is now being tested by clients worldwide.
A brief retrospective

The device passed 10+ iterations of hardware and exterior design. 15,000 lines of code were written on just the firmware side only. More than 100 prototypes were created and about 1,000 stimulations have been administered.

This is a true achievement which marks the start of the Lucid Dreaming industry.

Vivid future awaits

Now, when our customers have LucidCatchers and a connected mobile app, we work closely with them to collect every feedback possible. Our key goal at this point is to improve the lucid dreaming experience by adding new functionality on the go and bring our gadget to a new level together with them.

We are grateful to everyone who made our common dream a reality! We are very lucky to have such a loyal community of believers: our Customers, Investors and the Team. Together we will make it happen!
Stay lucid. Be a dreamer!


P.S. If you like to join our upcoming pre-orders, please fill in this form and we will contact you.
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Michael Skylion

Co-founder & CTO at Luciding Inc., dreamer, entrepreneur, speaker, traveller, Android developer

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